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The ground is your friend

Numerous articles can be found detailing the technicalities of the golf swing, but fewer articles appear with reference to the importance of ‘ground control’ 

The initial stage of this awareness begins in the pre-swing stage, a phase which is known as the set up.  So let’s ensure we are not starting at a disadvantage, this is, after all, a position which every golfer can work on regardless of experience or ability. 

The two distinct areas of weight position within our feet in the golf swing are simply: 

Forward or Back/ Toes or Heels and Right or Left (I am not concentrating on the in swing, just the static starting position)

The above considerations will vary at set up depending upon the following situations:

1.  The type of shot we wish to play or are faced with such  a low shot into the wind or high shot over an obstacle.
2.  Awareness of the terrain when playing from awkward lies.
3.  The type of club we are using, eg, iron or driver.

For the purpose of this article, I will be concentrating on weight on the toes or heels. 

The ‘Goldilocks’ drill

Weight in the toes ‘too hot’
Weight in the heels ‘ too cold’
Balance point ‘Goldilocks position’

The key learning area is to focus upon weight distribution with this simple drill.  Please take your current set-up position and gently move the majority of weight towards your toes; note how that feels.  Then, please shift the weight towards the heels, feeling the change.  Closing your eyes really enhances awareness, ensuring someone is there if you suffer from balance issues.

The reference to ‘Goldilocks’ simply signifies too much weight towards the toes being ‘too hot’ with too much weight in the heels as ‘too cold’.  I personally find this drill an easier way to locate the central point (above the shoe laces) between the two balance positions which is  ‘Just right’

If you perform this drill regularly, you will soon become more comfortable and aware of the ideal position, as it is a facet that can often be overlooked.

One goal for the majority of golfers is to maximize distance—no one wants to hit it shorter. Ground control is the starting point, which I shall expand upon next month. I hope this article has heightened your weight distribution awareness.

If you have any questions, please contact me or follow me on my social media channels 

@SBennettGolf on X or @SarahBennettGolf on Facebook.

Sarah Bennett has been awarded the title of Golf Monthly Top 50 UK Golf Coaches, which is a feat she is immensely humbled and is the only golf coach male or female within the County of Essex to receive this coveted title.

Sarah Bennett PGA Specialist Coach held the highly respected role of PGA Captain 2022.

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